Cursillo is a movement in the Episcopal Church whose goal is the same as that of the whole Church – to bring all people to Christ. It is a program to renew and deepen your Christian commitment by means of a weekend retreat of a small group of Episcopalians from all over the State – a weekend where they share the richness of our many modes of worship and hear other people share their stories of ministry. If often provides new insights into our shared faith as it fosters the ministry of all the laity. Afterwards members met regularly in small groups for prayer and support and also attend larger monthly Ultreyas for learning and sharing about their ministries.

Each fall, you are invited to rediscover the gifts of God’s love in the vast colors of a weekend at Camp Mitchell. Your mountain top encounter with the Holy Spirit will not only deepen your relationship with Christ, but also keep it vibrant as you return home. The Cursillo weekend is intended to provide tools and support that will allow you to leaven your community with your renewed spirit. If you would like any information about Cursillo, Ultreya, or the Cursillo weekend, please contact Albert Gray.

You can request an application from the Parish Office or any person who has attended a Cursillo previously. The weekends are coed, so it will work for couples or singles to attend. Any age person (over 21) is welcome.

If you are interested in attending a Cursillo weekend or desire more information, contact Albert Gray (443-2273) or Barbara Robinson (751-7061).

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