• Praying Lectio Divina

    A Way to Read and Pray with Sunday’s Scriptures During the weekdays, take the readings from this coming Sunday’s lectionary, and practice Lectio Divina with one or more of the lessons. Lectio Divina means “Divine Reading.”
This method comes from our Benedictine traditions. It has been adapted a bit for this

  • Education for Ministry (EfM)

    Each session consists of a time for worship, study, and theological reflection. Dispersed through out the year are Common Lessons, which deal with universal issues that we discuss as one total group. We also spend time at the beginning of the school year with sharing of spiritual autobiographies. The spiritual

  • Cursillo

    Cursillo is a movement in the Episcopal Church whose goal is the same as that of the whole Church – to bring all people to Christ. It is a program to renew and deepen your Christian commitment by means of a weekend retreat of a small group of Episcopalians from