All Faithful Departed

Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalm 50 (Morning)
Psalm [59, 60] or 103 (Evening)
Neh. 1-1:11
Rev. 5:11-6:11
Matt. 13:18-23

All Faithful Departed

Yesterday, many churches celebrated All Saints Day, the commemoration of all the saints, especially the persons of heroic sanctity, whom the whole church remembers. It became customary to set aside another day – as an extension of All Saints – on which the Church remembered the vast body of all the faithful, a day for particular remembrance of family members and friends. In more modern times a renewed understanding of its meaning has led to a widespread inclusion as an optional observance among Anglicans entitled All Faithful Departed, and to its inclusion as a optional observance in the calendar of the Episcopal Church,

I choose today to offer prayers of thanksgiving to honor people in my life whose guidance and examples made a particular difference in my faith, practice and maturity. They include my parents, Jim and Bennie Cummins, my grandfather, The Rev. Patrick Armstrong, Harry White, The Rev. Roy Baines, The Rt. Rev. Robert Hibbs, Travis Hiester, Opal White, and Harry Quin.

I invite you to join me today in commemorating those in your memory that have served as guides in your spiritual pilgrimage.

O God of love and acceptance in all things, I give humble thanks for your continued presence in those who shaped my faith and practice and who have passed on to the greater life. Fill me with the immediacy of their spirit in all I do. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who reigns with you and the Holy Sprit, one God, now and for ever.

Written by Doug Cummins

Doug Cummins is a retired theatre professor, actor, director, playwright, singer, and composer. But most of the time now, he is a gardener and cook. He is married to Jacqui Brandli, a life-long member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

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