Make the church beautiful with a gift of flowers or candles. The expense associated with the creation of floral arrangements for Sundays is offset by contributions from parishioners and others.

The altar flowers are available throughout the year with the exception of Lent and Advent. During Lent, you may still contribute for altar candles, and during Advent, you may contribute towards the altar greenery. Contributions may be made in memory/celebration/honor of/or in thanksgiving for a loved one. Dedications are printed in service leaflets associated with the occasion and read aloud. To make a request, please click on the button below, fill out and submit your form, or call our office at 479-871-3767.  For more information about participation in the Altar Guild, please send an email to

Altar Intentions availability calendar     Altar Intention Request Form

Suggested donation amounts
Altar Flowers: $70
Altar Greenery (During Advent): $50
Pedestal Flowers $40
Altar Candles: $25
Welcome Center Flowers: $40