Alternative Gift Market 2017

The Alternative Gift Market offers an unusual and timely alternative to the frenzy and stress of gift shopping. Join us on the first Sunday of December, and give a humanitarian gift in honor of a friend or loved one. Just like traditional gifts, Alternative Gifts express love, affection, celebrate occasions and show you care. Unlike traditional gifts, an alternative gift purchased at St. Paul’s Alternative Gift Market does not contribute to the consumer stream and won’t be re-gifted. 60+ local and international non-profit organizations gather together in St. Paul’s Parish Hall to provide people a different kind of shopping experience. Transform gift giving. Join us Sunday, December 3, from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Shop alternatively and give gifts that have global impact! Act Locally. Impact Globally.

Expect to see the following local groups at this year’s Alternative Gift Market:

Arts Live Theatre
Your gift will provide a child or youth the opportunity to participate in Arts Live Theatre programming or attend a production.

Arkansas Advocates
With this gift in honor of you, AACF is working to provide more opportunities for children to ensure that they live up to their full potential. More than 28% of kids in Washington County live in poverty. This donation supports AACF’s research and advocacy to alleviate the effects of poverty for those children.

Arkansas Citizens Climate Lobby
$25 purchases a metro pass for sponsored individuals traveling to a conference.
$100 purchases registration to a conference for sponsored individual
$500 purchases airfare OR lodging for a conference for sponsored individuals.
$1,000 purchases airfare AND lodging for a conference for sponsored individuals.

Buffalo River Watershed Alliance
Your donation is used for our legal fund as well as for advocacy and education of the public and legislators regarding the potential environmental and public health risks posed by CAFOs in the Buffalo National River watershed.

Camp Mitchell
Donations to Camp Mitchell will be used toward the purchase of new mattresses for the camp.

Dick Johnson Children’s Camp
$20 – Equality – Supports programming for campers during the week.
$50 – Dignity – Provides necessities for a camper with limited means
$100 – Empowerment – Provides 5 days of swimming lessons for 2 children
$250 – Opportunity – Co-Sponsors one camper for the week.
$500 – Inclusion – Sponsors one camper for the week
$1,000 – Independence – Sponsors two campers for the week.

C.A.S.A. of Northwest Arkansas
Your gift will help CASA of Northwest Arkansas provide quality volunteer representation for abused and neglected children who otherwise would not have a voice in court.

Give $50 to provide a child with one-on-one case management to enroll in school, as well as all the supplies they need to succeed in their new environment. Give $120 and provide 3 weeks of job training for an ambitious new American. Give $100 towards one month’s rent for a refugee family–or cover the whole thing for $600. Or give what you can. Every gift makes a difference.

Community Extention Outreach (C.E.O.)
$10 – Pay for gasoline
$15 – Three day food supply for one person
$30 – Utility bill assistance
$75 – Doctor visit

Community Clinic
Your donations allow us to care for all our neighbors. Many of them are uninsured and pay a nominal fee for services. Your donations ensure that we can provide low cost medications, medical supplies, such as diabetic test strips, and age appropriate cancer screenings for all our patients.

Equestrian Bridges
$15 – Brush for a Therapy Horse
$50 – Bag of Feed for A Therapy Horse
$150 – Supports 1 Child in Need for 3 weeks of Therapeutic Riding

Fayetteville Public Education Foundation
A gift of $5 will provide art supplies for one student in the Fayetteville Public School District.

Family Network
$10 – A book full of activities for parent and child to do together
$15 – A toy selected for the age of a child
$25 – One of several baskets
$50 – Utility bill, oil change, job-specific clothes (such as scrubs), bus pass
$100 – Help with Tuition for Northwest Technical Institute, C.N.A. or Cosmetology School
$150 – Rocking Chair for MOMMIES ROCK project (will be painted by a new mom for her
baby and herself)

Fayetteville Animal Shelter
You can make a donation in any amount for general needs or you can specify if you would like your donation to go towards low cost spay/neuter, sponsorship of an adoption fee, pet food, etc.

Feed Communities
Your gift will help create food security in NWA by funding Feed Communities programming. Programming includes garden nutrition education for low income preschoolers, healthy
cooking classes for people with disabilities, Plant a Row programs which take locally grown produce and funnel it to local pantries and more.

Heifer International
$60 – Earth Gift Basket
$72 – Bountiful Harvest Gift Basket
Gift of Stoves for a Village $1,000 Full/ $50 Share
$72 – Family Farm Care Package
Goat: $120 Full/ $10 Share
Heifer: $500 Full/ $50 Share
Water Buffalo: $250 Full/ $25 Share
$5,000 – Gift Ark

Humane Society of the Ozarks
$25 – spay/neuter voucher
$50 – emergency veterinary care voucher
$75-boarding cost of 1 adoptable pet
$100-Medical exam and vaccinations for a dog or cat
$150- adoption fee for a dog
$200-treatment for a dog with heartworm disease
$500-treatment for a puppy with parvovirus

Life Styles, Inc
$12 can purchase a sketchbook and drawing pencils for a Life Styles Artist
$25 can provide one month of Life Styles transportation services for a client
$60 one day of groceries for the Life Styles nutrition program
$100 can provide 10 hours of job coaching
$250 will supply the monthly art supplies budget for the Art of Life Styles program
$500 will provide 50 hours of private pay staffing for a client in need

Magdalene Serenity House
Your donations supporting the day-to-day work to help women heal and reclaim their lives will be the lifeline of this movement: the people offering care and rehabilitation, the basic costs of food, utilities, transportation, therapy, medical and dental care. Every day our residents will heal and grow. Your gifts will sustain them One Day at a Time.

The Nature Conservancy
A Gift of $10 to the Nature Conservancy supports ecological conservation of lands and waters around the world for nature and people. “Keeping Nature Alive for the Next

Northwest Arkansas Center for Autism
Your gift could be utilized in numerous ways. The cost of services poses a hardship for many families, gifts would be used for scholarships for students to attend one of our services. Gifts can also help us to provide community based experiences for the children. Gifts of any size which would support our work to create community and improve the lives of individuals impacted by ASD here in Northwest Arkansas are truly appreciated! Thanks so much for your kindness and generosity for the kids in our community who are most often left behind.

Northwest Arkansas Land Trust
$25: Purchases tools and supplies for a volunteer workday to remove invasive plants along a hiking trail.
$50: Purchases boundary signage for Northwest Arkansas Land Trust Preserves.
$100: Sponsors one class field trip to the Kessler Mountain Outdoor Classroom and Nature Center.
$250: Purchases native plant seed for habitat restoration for pollinators.

Ozark Literacy Council
$5 – 5 days of classroom learning
$10 – Literacy lessons for one week
$20 – A literacy workbook
$25 – A literacy workbook for an OLC student
$40 – Literacy lessons for one month
$50 – Literacy lessons for one month

Prison Story Project
$5 – Buys pens and writing paper for an inmate
$25 – Buys a set of books for each inmate
$150 – Pays for an actor stipend

Restore Humanity
Your donation will provide food, healthcare, education, and day-to-day care for the 17 wonderful children living in our orphanage in rural Kenya

Seven Hills Homeless Center
$20 – Month will provide 7 grocery bags from our food pantry
$40 – Month will provide prescription assistance for 8 individuals who need medication for a
chronic health condition or an antibiotic to overcome infection
$80 – Month will provide 6 individuals with ID assistance (birth certificate, driver’s license,
etc) so they can apply for employment and be self-sufficient

St. Scholastica
$5 – School supplies for an orphaned Guatemalan girl.
$40 – One-month scholarship for an orphaned Guatemalan girl to attend Colegio San Benito.

The Art Experience
$25 – One session of art therapy led by a Board-Certified, Registered Art Therapist for a
challenged teen or a chronically ill youth
$25 – Journals for 10 children
$120 – Refreshments for 12 weeks of Art Therapy for youth
$300 – Materials for a 12 week art therapy group for up to 8 children

Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas
$15 – Provides support for a Tibetan senior citizen living in exile in Mundgod, India
$20 – Provides a tutor for one month for Tibetan refugee children
$25 – Provides support for one month for a Tibetan monk at Drepung Loseling Monastery

TriCycle Farms
Your donation will hep us expand our education and empowerment programs to teach more community members about urban agriculture, nutrition and wellness principles.

The Jackson L. Graves Foundation
Sponsor a gift bag for $20, $30, $40, etc…Items in gift bags will include some of the following items: bouncer chairs, crib mobiles, sensory toys, rattles, sleep masks and ear plugs, as well as collecting items to help stock the unit and social services with important supplies for 2017

Volunteers are needed for this year’s Alternative Gift Market! For more information, contact Melissa Swann at

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