Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalm 63, 98 (Morning)
Psalm 103 (Evening)
Haggai 1:1-2:9
Acts 18:24-19:7
Luke 10:25-37



We are all guilty of doing something for purely our benefit. Society praises ambition and defines success monetarily. The people in Haggai gave in to similar societal pressures, focusing on accumulating possessions and bettering their own house, neglecting God’s house. God said to them, “You looked for much, and behold, it came to little. And when you brought it home, I blew it away.” We can never be fulfilled by material possessions.

God encourages ambition towards His works. We must build up God’s house, not our own. God promises peace in His house to those who work and promises to be with them in Spirit throughout their labor.

Spiritual ambition can’t be outlined as a set of tasks that need to be accomplished. It’s a way of living. God’s work can be fulfilled in any career path, any hobby, and any relationship. God’s house is built up when we work towards a better relationship with Him, when we accurately explain Him, and when we let His steadfast love shine through us. We can still work towards career and personal goals, as long as we are serving God in what we do. For example, I have recently started running and am currently training for a half marathon. Running allows me to clear my head and realize that God’s work is the most important thing and that He loves me regardless of my grades or whatever else I was stressing about. God uses running to support me and bring me joy. That joy spills over into my relationships and allows me to do His work.

Spiritual ambition is living for God, embodying His love everyday and through our actions building up His house. A life lived for God provides so much joy, security, and love. David wrote in Psalm 63, “Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.” Let us live for God, constantly working to better His house, and praise Him for His steadfast love that surrounds us.

Written by Hadley Thomas

Hadley is currently a biochemical engineering student at Colorado School of Mines. She is passionate about her faith and is excited to share her perspective and interpretations with the amazing congregation of Saint Paul’s.

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