Armor of God

Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalm 88 (Morning)
Psalm 191, 92 (Evening)
1 Macc. 1:41-63
Rev. 19:11-16
Matt. 16:13-20

Armor of God

Revelation’s reading today paints us a fantastic picture of a rider on a white horse. The rider is called “Faithful and True” and his name is called “The Word of God.” The rider represents “God the Almighty.” The rider wears a robe which has the name “King of kings and Lord of lords.” The army following this leader is outfitted in white clothing and accompanied by white horses. It’s a pretty dramatic picture. It is a striking image of a bright white mass of animals and robed bodies ready for battle. The rider’s only weapon is a sword that comes from his mouth. He is armed with the Word of God.

All of this would make a great movie but how do we apply it to today and to our lives? It’s not hard to understand from this depiction in Revelation that God reigns and everything under Him is pure and clean. Those who wear the white and are armed with His Word are ready for battle. So…what battles do we have and how do we know how to use the Godly armor we are given? Psalm 91:4b says that God’s “faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” Later in verse 14 it says that “I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.” In Matthew’s reading today, Jesus tells the disciples that “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven”.

Have I had any battles? It’s not natural for me to think of life’s circumstances as battles but I suppose they are. I’ve battled infertility and miscarriage. Depression has been one of my enemies. Plantar Fasciitis has plagued my right foot for years. I’ve endured long days and sleepless nights as a mother. I’ve experienced change in jobs for both me and my husband. I always thought of those things as being a part of life. Others I know have “battled” much more. However, thinking of those things as battles in my life, I definitely was armed with God’s armor.

The Holy Spirit constantly reminded me of God being my shield and my great reward. God’s words of humility, forgiveness, love and patience were brought to me through bible study. I could see God caring for me and carrying me in the palm of his hand. That’s the beauty of God. He makes his attributes clear to us through his words. Fight your daily battles with the words God has given you!

Written by Aubrey Mitchell Pate

Aubrey was baptized, confirmed and married at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Hot Springs, AR. She and her husband have been attending St. Paul’s for 19 years. She is currently a member of the Vestry and a Sunday school teacher.

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