St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is pleased to offer our facilities to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and 12-step groups, as well as to Parish members.

General Guidelines and Requirements

St. Paul’s building and property is a non-smoking area. (Smoking may be done at the dumpster.) Please leave the space in the same condition you found it. Turn off lights when finished using a room. Please ask your group to refrain from wandering through the church buildings.

St. Paul’s does not book birthday parties, weddings, or baby showers for non-parishioners, or events of any sort for groups that do not fall under one or more of the above-listed categories.

The Church is used solely for worship, and all requests for this space are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Usage Time

A half-day is four hours or less; full day is any amount of time over four hours. If usage time is not listed, it is not a factor in price. Usage time includes any set-up preparation, take-down, and/or cleaning done by the booking group.

When calculating beginning and ending times for scheduled events, please include sufficient time for all preparations and clean up. All groups must be finished and out of the building by 9:30 p.m. on weekdays and by 10:30 p.m. on Saturdays.

If you are holding an event in the Parish Hall, our crew will set-up and take-down any equipment owned by St. Paul’s. This service is included as part of the rental agreement for events taking place Monday-Saturday. On Sundays, all set-up is the responsibility of the group hosting the event.

Meeting Supplies

It is expected that groups will bring all of their own supplies. St. Paul’s does not have tablecloths and other linen available to outside groups. Linen, and other supplies, may be rented from Eventures Party Rentals 479-444-7526 and Intents Party Rentals 479-251-8368.

Parish Hall

The Parish Hall is our most commonly rented space. The ‘North’ Parish Hall is the side with the fireplace, and the ‘South’ Parish Hall is the smaller room. We can also take down the partition for your group to use the entire Parish Hall.  Please do not take the temporary wall down without a St. Paul’s staff person present. We also ask that you not remove exhibits from the walls, or disturb the piano.

Kitchen Access

Kitchen access fees include the presence of the Church’s onsite supervisor. Kitchen access refers to any employment of the kitchen space itself, including use of an outside caterer.

Piano Policy

The piano is an expensive, delicate, musical instrument. Please treat it as such. Never place food, drinks, items of clothing, et cetera on top of it, even when it is covered. If you need to use, or move, the piano for your event, please contact Charles Rigsby – 442-7373, 409-5679, or


Please leave the nursery in the exact condition you found it. With appropriate notice, St. Paul’s can provide up to two (2) of our nursery staff for Parish functions;(fee or donation?) however, outside groups must provide their own volunteers/staff to supervise children. All groups are expected to maintain a ratio of one (1) adult per five (5) children, and to contact Nursery Director Kate Oxford, (479)856-1296, to finalize arrangements.

Tech Fees

All fees are based on events lasting four hours or less. For events lasting longer than four hours, the fees are doubled. If you wish to incorporate any technology into your event, you must contact our media specialist, Dan Robinson or (479) 422-1886.

Saturday Night Events

Saturday night events should conclude by 9:30 p.m. in order for your group to sufficiently complete any necessary take-down/cleaning, and be out of the building by 10:30 p.m. This is in order to allow our cleaning crew to come in and prepare the building for Sunday church. Please remove all event rental equipment. Do not leave or store anything from your event at the church.

Greek Organizations

Greek organizations are welcome in the Parish Hall for the stated fee, but no longer in the Nave and Sanctuary, which is reserved solely for worship. St. Paul’s reserves the right to rescind any group’s use of the building. As of March 2016, we are no longer willing to accommodate Initiation Ceremonies (or similar ceremonies) for SAE. Any other requests by the fraternity to use our facility must include sponsorship by an active member of St. Paul’s, who agrees to meet with staff beforehand and be present for the duration of the event.  

Recycling Policy

St. Paul’s has an active recycling ministry. In order to assist our volunteers, please follow these basic procedures:

  • Recycle all cardboard, plastic (#1 & #2 only), metal, and glass in the appropriate bins in the hallway outside the kitchen.
  • Aluminum cans may be recycled in the bin beside the women’s restroom.
  • All containers must be thoroughly rinsed and drained.
  • Cardboard should be completely flattened. When the bin is full, please deposit cardboard in the city bin (located in the parking lot near Democrat Gazette offices) for monthly pick-up.
  • For events that serve wine, please dispose of metal caps and place all empty bottles back into boxes so our volunteers have manageable sized containers for carrying them.

Matt Henriksen, Building Coordinator: 479-442-7373 ext. 12 //

Brian Sparks, St. Paul’s Chef: 479-750-9362 //

Charles Rigsby, Organist & Choir Master: 479-409-5679 //

Shannon Mitchell, Parish Hall Art: 479-582-0685 //

Suzi Freeman, Parish Administrator: 479-442-7373 ext. 11 //

Kitchen Supervisors, Pam Sarnat: 

Building Use Request Form (Printable) Alcohol Request Form (Printable) Please carefully read the following policies and room rates before filling out a request form.

Facility Use Fee Schedule              

Space Fee
Small Rooms

Library and Guild Hall

Classrooms, offices, etc.




South Parish Hall


North Parish Hall



Thursday-Friday set up





Kitchen Access






Tech Fee Schedule

Parish Hall Tech Fee
Audio System

Tech support included



Projection System

Tech support included




A/V without Consult

Use of audio system or projection system w/out tech support



Video Recording of Event 

Includes 5 DVD’s

Additional DVD’s $10/each



Live Web Broadcast

Includes video of event & 5 DVD’s



Wedding Fee Schedule                  

Service Fee

There are no fees for priest’s services, but an honorarium is traditional.  




Please give directly to the resident organist.

Organist plus choir





Wedding Only (no reception)

To help us cover the costs of care and upkeep of our facility.




Saturday Parish Hall

Friday Parish Hall for set up

Sunday-Friday Parish Hall




see above


Please give youth the suggested donation directly. Honor adult acolytes with a discretionary fund donation.



Wedding Tech Fee Schedule

Sanctuary Tech Fee
Video Recording of Event

Includes 5 DVD’s

Additional DVD’s $10/each



Simulcast to Parish Hall

Includes video of event & 5 DVD’s




Live Web Broadcast 

Includes video of event & 5 DVD’s



Kitchen Usage Policies & Procedures

If you wish to use the kitchen, you must work with the Building Coordinator and Kitchen Supervisor in order to make arrangements. It’s a complicated bit of stewardship for us to make our kitchen available to outside groups, so we appreciate your cooperation and respect for this space.

We are regulated by the State of Arkansas Health Department, and could be inspected at any time. Therefore, we ask that you help us adhere to their ideas of food safety and sanitation by practicing the following standards:

  • Wash your hands. All kitchen workers are expected to wash their hands before working in the kitchen, after using the restroom, and throughout preparation and serving.
  • Run all dishes through the dishwasher. Rinse dishes, then place them in trays found underneath the kitchen sink. Silverware goes in the flat trays. The dishwasher must reach a temperature of 160 F before use (this usually takes about 15-20 minutes). Instructions for dishwasher are on the wall immediately to the left of it. Please do not place airpots in dishwasher.
  • Return clean dishes to their respective locations in the kitchen.
  • Sweep the floor. Broom and dustpan are in the northeast corner of the kitchen.
  • Sanitize all surfaces. Sanitizer spray bottles are found on the shelf above the long sink along the west wall. Clean towels are under the metal counter between sinks. Remove all food debris from sinks and wipe any spills on stove.
  • Dispose of all trash. Sack up trash in any bins used and place in dumpster in the rear parking lot. The dumpster key is kept in the top drawer of the desk near the kitchen entrance; it is on a Mickey Mouse key-chain.
  • Do not leave food leftovers on kitchen counters, or in cupboards, refrigerators, or freezers.

If the above expectations are not met, your group will be charged an additional $300, or more depending on the extent of damage. Please strive for efficient use of kitchen supplies, return supplies to their proper places, and leave the kitchen in clean and orderly for the next group.


Alcohol Policy

The underlined statements are important information for groups using the building.

The Episcopal Church has never endorsed the prohibition of the moderate, adult enjoyment of beverages containing alcohol. Scripture offers Jesus’ example of the presence of wine at a wedding party in his first miracle at Cana of Galilee and at the Last Supper when he instituted the Holy Eucharist. Hebrew tradition honors wine as a gift from God when used moderately in accordance and purpose of the Creator.

The following guidelines will direct the enjoyment of alcoholic beverages at church functions within the life of St. Paul’s Parish:

  1. The serving of alcohol must be approved in advance by the Rector or the Vestry. The Rector may approve the use of alcohol at parish functions (or may refer such approval to the Vestry); the Vestry must approve the use of alcohol at all functions that are not directly church-related.
  1. Except for Church functions in private homes, only champagne, beer, or wine may be served.
  1. All applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations are to be obeyed, including those governing the serving of alcohol to minors. Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold (no “cash bars” will be approved). Donations may be accepted.
  1. The use of alcohol will not be approved for events primarily designed for children or youth.
  1. Alcoholic beverages and food containing alcohol must be clearly labeled as such and supervised by a mature person who has the sole responsibility of serving the alcohol. This shall include supervision of anyone working at the event (kitchen staff, etc.). Unsupervised access to alcohol (i.e. champagne fountains, open bottles in the kitchen or other work areas) is not allowed.
  1. Whenever alcohol is served, non-alcoholic alternatives must always be offered with equal attractiveness and accessibility. Food appropriate for the event should always be available. The serving of alcoholic beverages should not be publicized as an attraction of the event (i.e. “Shrimp & Beer,” “Wine & Cheese”).
  1. Only moderate consumption of alcohol is allowed. The sponsors of the event assume responsibility for monitoring consumption and for the safe travel of anyone who might become intoxicated.
  1. All alcoholic beverages will be removed from the Church immediately following the event, or stored securely in the Parish Administrator’s office.