Dinners for 8

Dinners for 8 is a Rotating Potluck Dinner that happens towards the end of each month. To join (as host or participant) contact the coordinator, David Kelley, at 479-372-3993 or arksunsse@icloud.com and he will assign you to a group. 8 is NOT a magic number. Singles, couples, non-church members, visitors–all friends of St. Paul’s are welcome. Our goal is to meet other members, non-members, and visitors of St. Paul’s in a small group setting and share food, drink, and good conversation. Please do not feel obligated to host. However, without hosts the dinner is difficult to manage. Meals have been everything from take out pizza or burgers to full course meals. Gatherings can take place around the kitchen table, dining table, patio, on the floor, or in a restaurant. Generally, we meet the last Friday of each month, but this can be changed as necessary.

The coordinator will email the entire group at the beginning of each month and ask who is interested in attending for that month and who is interested in hosting. After hearing back from those interested in attending, the coordinator splits the group up between the hosts. The hosts then communicate with their guests to make final plans.

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