Education for Ministry (EfM)

Each session consists of a time for worship, study, and theological reflection. Dispersed through out the year are Common Lessons, which deal with universal issues that we discuss as one total group. We also spend time at the beginning of the school year with sharing of spiritual autobiographies. The spiritual autobiographies are a crucial component of the program for they build the community. We follow the University of Arkansas calendar and take a Christmas and spring break.

EFM requires an evaluation twice a year to be sent to the headquarters in Sewanee, TN. Comments that were made were EFM enriches one’s life by making the sermons and scripture more meaningful. The theological reflections provide the skills to look at each day with the perspective of how the gospel is working within you. The community gives support to its members in many many ways. People are discovering they are not alone in their doubts or questionings while at the same time their faith and knowledge of the Bible is being increased.

Speak to anyone in the group to see if you too might be interested in enriching your lives through Bible study, theological reflections, and community building. A four-year commitment is huge and it is wisely taken just one year at a time.

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