Emotional Eating Class

Finding it hard to control your eating the way you’d like? Come join in for 3, 6, or 9 weeks (your choice) as we explore together the forces that challenge our best intentions and what we can do to prevail. Learn how emotional and spiritual deprivations may contribute to overeating.  Discover new ways to fulfill yourself, so that you aren’t stuck turning to food as the easiest option. Support each other in becoming more of our true selves! These classes are based on techniques offered by Frank Minirth, author of Love Hunger, and four other doctors from their experience in their own practices.
Class will take place on Mondays at 6 p.m. beginning March 13 and will meet in the Upstairs Green Room.

Class Schedule

  • Weeks  1-3:   “The Basics: Why food is addictive, and how it captures us”
  • Weeks  4-6:   “Fighting Back: Six techniques for increasing emotional/spiritual health without emotional eating”
  • Weeks  7-9:   “Going the Extra Mile: Four more techniques, plus a personal plan for achieving individual goals”
You may join the class  for three, six or nine Mondays. The cost is $15 for the first 3 weeks, $25 for first 6 weeks, or $30 for all 9 weeks.
Registration is now closed, but if you are interested in taking this class in the future, contact Chris Soutter at chris.spiritualformation@gmail.com.

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