Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalm 18:1-20 (Morning)
Psalm 18:21-50 (Evening)
Gen. 4:17-26
Heb. 3:1-11
John 1:43-51


Epiphany has always been a hopeful and happy word for me. First Corinthians says, “For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we will see face to face.” We have all had those “Aha!” moments when a conundrum is understood. An epiphany is an unexpected gift of grace-filled awareness that I can’t conjure up or make happen.

In our tradition, this day, January 6, celebrates the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ. What is the significance of this recognition in my life as I travel on my own spiritual journey? I think of hiking in the mountains of Colorao above timberline where there is no visible path. The trail is marked by small towers of loose rocks called cairns that are designed to keep us on course. The hope is that one can see the next cairn when leaving the last one. The spiritual journey is like that. Epiphanies can be like spiritual cairns that tell me I am on “the way” towards becoming more conscious…. and thus more Christ-like.

There are times on the journey when it seems I am wandering the barren, tundra landscape with no markers in sight. These periods are known as “dark nights”. At these times I can only be faithful to my spiritual practice(s) and know that more is being revealed—- I just can’t “see it” (i. e., feel it or know it) right now.

In my main spiritual practice of centering prayer I am reassured by the words of Psalm 46: “Be still…. and know…. that I am God.

One way to frame the dark night is to know it is preparing me for the dawn of the next epiphany. COWABUNGA!

Written by Nick Cole

Nick Cole is a Centering Prayer practitioner, husband, and a golfer.

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