Fiery Love

Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalm 5,6 (Morning)
Psalm 10, 11 (Evening)
Jer. 36: 27-37:2
1 Cor. 14: 1-12
Matt. 10: 16-23

Fiery Love

The commemoration for this date is St. Ignatious of Antioch. A week or so ago, I ran across St. Ignatious of Antioch in my studies and I was taken by his faith.

Little is known of his life except for the very end of it. He was arrested by the Imperial authorities, condemned to death, and transported to Rome to die in the arena. He spoke to groups of Christians at every town along the way, encouraging them.

I was reminded of my friend, Kenneth Williams, who demonstrated his faith to everyone he encountered leading up to his execution by the State of Arkansas this past April.

St. Ignatious wrote: I am God’s wheat, ground fine by the lion’s teeth to be made purest bread for Christ…I prefer death in Christ Jesus to power over the farthest limits of the earth…He who rose for our sakes is my one desire… Forgive me, my brothers…My desire is to belong to God.

Kenneth wrote: I now find myself in a small cell on death watch. I am not stressed. I actually find myself at peace… If I remain, that means more fruit. But if I depart that would be far better because I will be forever with Christ. Glory to God. I’ll close for now and if it be my time all you guys are invited to come to my funeral and read poetry. I already told my parents. Love you.

May our love for God become a burning, unquenchable fire in our own hearts and may our faith prevail even our darkest moments.

Written by Kathy McGregor, Prison Story Project Director

Kathy McGregor has been a professional storyteller for over 30 years. In 2012 she began giving voice to those silenced by prison through the healing art of story. Kathy also believes in the healing power of storytelling in her work as a former union organizer for RNs, and in her work as a hospice nurse. Her greatest joys are her children Chuck, Corina, and Sarah and her two granddaughters, Mariam and Iris.

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