God only knows. The End.

Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalm 41, 52 (Morning)
Psalm 44 (Evening)
Zech. 1:7-17
Rev. 3:7-13
Matt. 24:15-31


Zechariah, Matthew and John all harmonize today on the theme of The End. Matthew most memorably admonishes, “there will be great suffering, such as has not been from the beginning.” The prophecies of the Last Days detail such frightening images of God’s judgment that people sometimes end up more concerned about being saved FROM God than being saved BY God.

Of course people try to figure it all out and predict what will happen to who, when, where, and why. The Premillennials and Postmillennials and Amillennials and any missing miscellaneous millennials all claim to know when, where, and how everything’s going to go in The End. Of course, in the end, there’s no consensus about who’s right. When we’ve wrestled with all the complicated explanations of how they decode the various vivid visions in Revelation and other prophecies to predict specific dates, people, places, and things, we seem to come away knowing less, not more.

• In the end, the world will come to an end. Or it won’t — maybe it’ll be the same world, but transformed. Don’t know.
• We’re in the Last Days, so the end is near. Or it isn’t, if “a thousand years are like one day.” When? We don’t know.
• The Lord will come with righteous Judgment, but in his love brings perfect Mercy. The subtleties of how these two together will shake out, God only knows.

In the end, can we know ANYthing about The End?

We do know God has a plan. We know God knows what he’s doing. We know God will do something, somewhere, sometime, somehow. Great! God handled The Beginning in perfect elegance without any help from us, so we know we can have faith and trust God to do the right thing.

It’s such a blessing, and so liberating, that we are not in charge of this. But there are many things we need to know that God HAS made perfectly clear to us, in Scripture and in our hearts, so in the end, we know everything we need to know.

Written by Ellis Ralph

Ralph Ellis was a stressed-out, overworked manufacturing engineer, but threw all that away, devoting his energy instead to being the unknown amateur folksinger/songwriter Ellis Ralph. Becoming a duo with sexy electric bass player and singer/songwriter Judi Neal, Ellis Ralph has had much more fun than Ralph Ellis ever did. He usually attends 11 o’clock service, and enjoys taking a turn to read or to bear the chalice.

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