Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalm 16, 17 (Morning)
Psalm 22 (Evening)
Amos 5:1-17
Jude 1-16
Matt. 22:1-14


God’s wrath and the coming Judgment Day has been a source worry and fear for me and many other Christians. It’s hard to imagine giving your life to a God that allows bad things to happen and promises harsh judgment, but our God is a God of love. I often try to convince myself that God’s wrath died with Jesus on the cross, however this is far from the truth. Jude, the only prophetic book in the New Testament, discusses God’s second coming to “execute judgement on all to convict all the ungodly” (Jude 15).

Jesus proclaimed unconditional love and forgiveness, but we have to accept this grace. In the parable of the wedding feast the king invited many people, but most ignored his invitation. Jesus extends God’s love and grace to all humanity, but few will accept His invitation.

Amos urges us to “seek the Lord and live!” When bad things happen, it isn’t God punishing us for our actions, it is the evil of the physical world consuming us because we strayed from God. Sometimes the world seems to punish us for no reason. In these moments if we turn to God, He gives us the strength to overcome any obstacle. In Psalm 16 it says, “I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.” This astounds me; if we put the Lord first, He, the Creator of the Universe, will be at our right hand. How could we not overcome anything in the material world?

God may have a wrathful side, but He wants to love us, guide us, and protect us. He invites us repeatedly into His love, and each time we stray, He invites us back as if it’s the first time. All we have to do is accept the invitation and live for God. “For many are called, but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14).

Written by Hadley Thomas

Hadley is currently a biochemistry student at Colorado School of Mines and hopes to attend medical school. She is passionate about her faith and is excited to share her perspective and interpretations with the amazing congregation of Saint Paul’s.

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