Lie Down in Peace

Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalms 1,2,3 (Morning)
Psalms 4, 7 (Evening)
Amos 2:6-16
2 Pet. 1:1-11
Matt. 21:1-11

Lie Down in Peace

This morning I awoke to the realization that I’ve fumbled a ball at work and am scrambling to get it back before I completely lose it!! But, that’s a fault I have – I take on too much and then the juggling begins. Woe be to me if I forget that one thing that’s actually far more important than all the others I’ve put before it!! When I take on too much, I can only go so far before trouble ensues and adjustments are warranted.

Each day, we awake to the latest accusations, new lengths of missile flight, newfangled, outrageous and inappropriate tweets, more unnecessary gun-related deaths. We are captured by the headlines and often hear conversations throughout the day – He did what? She said what? Not again?!!

In the midst of all of the “imperative things” we choose to pursue, we forget the most important thing—God’s infinite presence with us as we walk through each day. As I examined this morning’s psalms, I was intrigued by the pattern – a burst of troubling energy, only to be quieted by the love of God; or the opposite–a welcoming of God’s love…lest the “wicked ways” ensue.

How easy it is to let the world consume us; to let all the things we feel important take the lead for the day. How easing it is to find solace in God. Right now, in this present moment, release the worries of world and work. Bring God to the forefront and know that God’s presence will remain throughout the day. Tonight, lie down in peace and rest in the embrace of God’s love. May our morning headline celebrate God’s endless, precious, tender gift.

Written by Linda C. Jones

Linda has been an active member of St. Paul’s since 2000. Currently she serves as Associate Verger, Chorister, Lay Reader, and Spatula gal. A renaissance woman in many ways, she loves her cats, Rudy and Cuthbert, tennis, learning the banjo, playing the bagpipes, being in the great outdoors. In her spare time, she is an Associate Professor of World Languages at the UA.

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