Magdalene Serenity House

MAGDALENE SERENITY HOUSE  is a community of healing for women survivors of sexual exploitation and addiction as they move toward a life that is spiritually rich, economically self-sufficient, emotionally full, and drug free. Most will have been sexually abused between the ages of 7 and 11. Most will have used drugs or alcohol by childhood or early adolescence. Most will have left home by the age of 14 to 16. For some, this will be the first safe home in a lifetime. For others, it will be the first safe home in a long time. Life at Magdalene will be patterned after the Benedictine model for communal living—rooted in hospitality, mutual respect, reverence and love for all.  It’s a balanced way of living in which “the heart becomes broadened with the unutterable sweetness of love.” For two years our residents will receive housing, food, medical, dental, and mental health services, education and job training, without expense to the women and without government support. Let’s bring these women home. 

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