Our Sheep

Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalm 102 (Morning)
Psalm 107:1-32 (Evening)
1 Macc. 4:36-59
Rev. 22:6-13
Matt. 18:10-20

Our Sheep

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus tells us the Parable of the Lost Sheep. Describing a scene in which a herder leaves his flock of 99 sheep in search of the sole straggler. Reminding us that it is the will of our Father that none of “these little ones should be lost”. Reminding us to never distance ourselves from those who are different. As good Christians, we must find the lost sheep. You cannot build and strengthen your “flock” by only surrounding yourself with the same “sheep”. It is our duty to abandon the flock and seek out “the lost sheep”. In this way, we can not only bring someone else closer to God, but bring them into a new community that can love them as well.

I often find myself leaving behind the lost sheep. In the volatile and polarized environment of high school, I have not become whole enough as a person to continually reach out to those who are lost. However, I still do my best to smile to everyone in the halls and talk to the people sitting alone at lunch. Just as Jesus tells us, “ do not despise one of these little ones”, I must focus on doing more for the people around me; and doing even more for the people who aren’t around me.

Not abandoning the lost sheep can take many different forms. It can be holding your tongue during a thin-iced thanksgiving political debate, creating a relationship with a new co-worker, or even a genuine smile to a cashier. Whichever method you choose, spreading the love of God is the best way to find lost sheep.

Written by Reed Ostner

Reed is a senior in high school here in Fayetteville and will be attending the U of A next fall – hoping to end up with a degree in Economics. He enjoys politics, photography, and spending time with his friends.

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