Welcome to our community.

The Mission of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is to explore and celebrate God’s infinite grace, acceptance and love.

We are explorers, seekers. That means we believe that we are always growing and learning. And we are a celebration people. We celebrate what God has done and is doing through the grace, acceptance and love of Jesus as manifested in this community. So we say to each other and to our friends, “come and see.” Come and see what God is up to through this peculiar thing we call the church where we seek to explore and celebrate God’s infinite grace, acceptance and love.
We think of the church as an organic, living being, not just an organization with a set of beliefs to subscribe to. That’s part of why we say you can belong before you believe. You belong so that you can grow in understanding and in loving service.

We also like to say that everyone has a ministry. Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God and endowed with God’s divine spirit. Every human being has been given gifts — natural talents as well as spiritual gifts — to be used for the sake of the world. So we begin with the assumption that everyone in this church has one or more ministries to exercise. The church’s job is to give you the authority and resources you need to do your ministry, and to connect your ministry with the rest of the work the church is doing. But it is your responsibility to claim your own ministry. St. Paul’s expects you to take responsibility for your own spiritual growth. St. Paul’s will give you resources, but you are responsible for the exercise of your spiritual gifts in ministry and for your own spiritual growth.

At St. Paul's our Rule of Life is: worship weekly, pray daily, learn constantly, serve joyfully, live generously

Worship Weekly. We welcome all to the Eucharist. No matter who you are and where you are in your spiritual journey you are welcome at this table. We welcome children to communion, and we ask parents to decide whether you would like your children to receive as infants from the time of baptism, or to postpone regular communion until they join you at the family table or later. As you worship weekly, the stories of our Biblical faith and the rhythms of the Church Year will sink deeply within you. We find that faith is caught even more than it is taught.

Pray Daily. We intend to model a practice of daily prayer. We also offer regular teaching to support people in their life in prayer.

Learn Constantly.  We encourage every person to study continually. To that end we have lots of classes and groups to support your growth and understanding. Learning is a lifetime journey.

Serve Joyfully. Our church doesn’t exist just for its members, but for our whole community. At St. Paul’s you don’t have to be a member for a long time before you can be involved as a leader. If you are attracted to some program or ministry that we have, you are welcome to join immediately. And if there is something we should be doing that we are not doing, you are urged to help create a new ministry. As long as it is consistent with our values and mission our default position is to say “yes” to your calling for ministry. Most of the exciting, creative things that are part of our life here started that way. Someone said, “We ought to do this,” and we said “Yes.”

Live Generously.  One of the reasons there is a great deal of energy in this church is that people give sacrificially of themselves on behalf of our work together. St. Paul’s people volunteer their time and talents to make good things happen in this church and in this community.

We are glad you are here. We are glad you are part of this remarkable community. This is your church. Explore and celebrate God’s infinite grace, acceptance and love through the worship, prayer, teaching, service and generosity of this vital, organic part of the body of Christ. It is a good place for you to respond to Jesus’ words to all of us, “Follow me.”

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