Recycling Ministry

Did you know that during the past 17 years ST.PAUL’S RECYCLING MINISTRY VOLUNTEERS have kept tons of paper, cardboard, tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles out of the landfill?

Here’s how: The City of Fayetteville does not collect our recyclable materials. Every week, a Volunteer Member of the St. Paul’s Recycling Ministry team picks up all the paper and cardboard from our services, the offices, and all of our programs, and all of the recyclable materials from our Monday and Wednesday Community Meals, Sunday morning breakfast, Wednesday evening dinner, Sunday sherry hour, all St. Spatula’s activities, and the many other events, parish and community, that occur in our Parish Hall.  The Volunteer then carries the load to the City of Fayetteville Recycling Center.

That’s how we’ve kept tons out of the landfill and created renewable resources out of refuse.

As St. Paul’s continues to develop as a church of radical hospitality, we generate more and more recyclables. To keep pace with the abundant volume and heft of recycling, we have an immediate need for more volunteers to participate, especially in the kitchen component of the St. Paul’s Recycling Ministry.

If you would be willing to be a part of this quiet but vitally important work by taking a turn on a regular basis about once every 6 weeks, please contact Kay DuVal to join the team at or 443-0635.


Helping save “…this fragile earth, our island home,”* one load at a time

* Book of Common Prayer, Eucharistic Prayer C

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