Seeing is Believing

Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalm 102 (Morning)
Psalm 107:1-32 (Evening)
2 Kings 19:1-20
1 Corinthians 9:16-27
Matthew 8:1-17

Seeing is Believing

In Matthew, Jesus tells a man who he has just cured, “See that you say nothing to no one.” I have always been intrigued by Jesus instructing the recently healed to keep quiet. I know there are theologians that can explain to us why this occurred, but I just relate this, and similar verses. I read this and I think about THAT person. The one I want to be with, as much as possible, or just for a moment. He or She has a quality that is hard to define, that special “something” that always seems to be just what you need. Maybe it is a calm that helps you just take a breath, or an energy that seems to bubble over, or a pouring out of compassion that brings you to tears. I am sure “it” is God’s love. And I am reminded that the love of God is present, walking among us.

In contrast, I would not have been moved or compelled by Paul and his message to the Corinthians. “Woe to me if I do not proclaim the gospel.” He would have been too much for me. But in order to proclaim the gospel, he recognizes that being approachable is necessary “I have become all things to all people.” This Paul would have been intriguing. I think I might have drawn closer, been in his circle, to see or feel what he was about. I am sure he bubbled with the love of Christ.

Recently, Samantha Haycock led a focus group, and asked us to consider the last time we witnessed or felt like we were part of a beloved community. It was a compelling question. What I could recall were moments that were about action – not words. Seeing His love at work is compelling. Feeling God’s love is powerful. “Wherever you are on your journey of faith,” each of us is on our own journey and each of us is growing in our faith in different ways. For me, I enjoy the Word, but I am awed when I witness love in action.

Written by Susie Norys

Susie is a lifelong Episcopalian, loves being mom to Sarah and Jack and is enjoying the “empty nest” years with her husband, Jim. Falling into education as a second career, she is passionate about the early childhood years and currently works for Arkansas State University Childhood Services providing training and assistance to our NWA preschool teachers and programs.

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