Sight / Insight

Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalm 85, 87 (Morning)
Psalm 89:1-29 (Evening)
Joshua 3:14—4:7
Eph. 5:1-20
John 9:1-12,35-38

Sight / Insight

There is a lot to ponder in the scripture of John 9. In summation, Jesus refers to himself as “the light of the world” and he illustrates this by physically and spiritually bringing light (sight, insight) to a man who was born blind.

Jesus is less concerned about what caused the blindness (sin in the womb or sins of his parents) than he is about what can be done about the blindness. What can be done for the man that will demonstrate God’s works in action?

Jesus doesn’t heal the man immediately but asks him to participate in the healing. Jesus covers the man’s eyes with mud (making his blindness more absolute) and tells him to “go and wash” even while he is still in darkness. Once the man’s sight is restored, he bears witness to a healer whom he has never seen yet knows to be true.

The message here is to have faith in a Lord who heals, faith that we will one day see the light, faith that there is a force in the universe that wants us to know truth.

Peace to you, and may a light of goodness and mercy fall upon your days.

Written by Elaine Williams

Elaine has been a member of St. Paul’s since 1985. She was a technical editor in the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and later served as art director of Arkansas Land and Life magazine. She also served as associate director of University Relations, and retired in 2003. St. Paul’s has been a nourishing refuge for which she is most grateful.

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