Speak to God! He wants to hear it all.

Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalm 119:1-24 (Morning)
Psalm 12, 13, 14 (Evening)
Jer. 37:3-21
1 Cor. 14:13-25
Matt. 10:24-33

Speak to God! He wants to hear it all.

We wake up to more bad news every day. Good news is easy on the ears but bad news tends to bog us down with worry and fear. What can we do to stop it? What can we do to prevent it from happening again? How can we help those suffering? How do we protect our families? In the Psalms 12-14, David speaks to God without holding anything back. I imagine David dealing with the stressful events of his day. He is at times scared, angry and appalled at what is going on around him. David expresses his love for God and praises God for his guidance. David is built up by his faith during prayer time and ultimately finds courage in God. Prayer life should be like David’s, I think. We should be able to tell God what is on our hearts even if it is ugly or messy. If we are scared, tell Him. If we are moved by his grace, praise Him. If we are worried, ask Him for help. We can learn a lot from David’s relationship with God.

Here’s a little breakdown of the 3 Psalms:

• In Psalm 12 David asks for the Lord’s help because he feels that he is surrounded by lying, deceptive, disloyal and faithless people. The Lord answers that He “will protect them from those who malign them.” David is comforted by God’s words and ends the psalm confident that the Lord will protect him and the needy from evil acts of the wicked.

• In Psalm 13 David pleas with the Lord for his presence, attention and light to be shone on his life. He needs God’s comfort and love. David proclaims his trust in the Lord. David doesn’t mention anything specific that God replies this time. Maybe he can feel God’s presence and that’s enough.

• In Psalm 14 David complains about the fools in the world who say there is no God. David is troubled by their turning away from God and wonders if there is anyone good in the world. He remembers that those who are evil do not call on the Lord and because of that they do not have the comfort of the Lord. He is built up in his faith and clings strongly to the fact that the Lord is the refuge of his people.

I am encouraged to be like David and to pray to God freely and honestly. Every relationship demands healthy communication and I’m confident that God would like to hear more from me.

Written by Aubrey Mitchell Pate

Aubrey was baptized, confirmed and married at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Hot Springs, AR. She and her husband have been attending St. Paul’s for 19 years. She is currently a member of the Vestry and a Sunday school teacher.

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