Today’s Readings for the Daily Office

Psalm 20, 21:1-7 (8-14) (Morning)
Psalm 110:1-5 (6-7), 116, 117 (Evening)
2 Kings 25:8-12,22-26
1 Cor. 15:12-29
Matt. 11:7-15


Psalm 20 is a song you sing for someone else. Psalm 116 is the song you sing because someone else sang Psalm 20 for you.

The world is full of trouble. Every day we hear about the distress and trauma of other people. A hurricane is a day of trouble, as is a flood, a wildfire, an earthquake. So is a mass shooting. No power and no clean water is trouble for days and days. War is trouble that doesn’t end. We also have family and friends who will not be in the news but, God help them, they are in trouble: incarceration, addiction, divorce, violence in the home, lost jobs. There’s trouble all around and somehow today I’m not in it.

I can get up today and read psalm 20 and quietly sing it for a friend; sing it for a stranger in the news: “I cannot imagine the loss you are facing today. God will answer your cry for help and grant ALL your requests today.”

Then at the end of the day when I read Psalm 116, I can choose to remember that God heard my voice. I’ve been in trouble, but not today. (Someone else must have been praying for me, too.) I can sing to my soul, “Rest now, for God has been good to you.” Not everyone says that. Not everyone can today. But I can, Thank God.

I can also remember that I am a servant; God’s servant. Somewhere between Psalm 20 in the morning and Psalm 116 at night, I’ve got some work to do, some vows to keep and some help to offer while I still can.

Written by Troy Schremmer

Troy works with preschool age children as an enrichment teacher in music and movement. He and his wife Jonny are both Theatre Directors for the NWA Prison Story Project.

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